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I've had a dream about breeding and showing dogs since I was a child.  In 2003 my husband and I finally decided we were ready for a dog.  He wanted a dog to hunt with so we compromised on a well-bred male labrador that could be shown in conformation.  That first one didn't turn out quite nicely enough for the ring so we so soon added another male as well as a female with more potential.  We had one labrador litter, resulting in 1 puppy.  At the same time, our major pointed male developed an autoimmune disease.  I quickly learned this breed was too much for me to handle when the dog was too ill to walk.    


During the time we were showing the labradors, an older 3 lb. chihuahua was abandoned on our road.  I'll never forget the first time that little dog stood on its hind legs, put its tiny paw on my leg, and looked up at me.  I swear that feeling went straight to my heart.  I fell in love instantly and knew that this was the breed I was meant to have.  I soon added a pet quality male chihuahua to the family and then a male show prospesct.  The movement of our first show prospect wasn't nice enough so I had him neutered.  He's 16 now and still sleeping in bed with us every night.


By this time, our children were older and had activities of their own.  My dreams of showing and possibly breeding were put on the back burner until the children became interested in the Miniature American Shepherd. Ten years went by.  Our children grew up and moved away.  I'm getting ready for retirement and once again have time to focus on the breed I love so much.  With the help and guidance of wonderful, responsible breeders who focus on both beauty and health, I was able to breed my first chihuahua litter.  I'm excited about the future and look forward to sharing my passion with you.

Long Coat Chihuahua Puppy Walking


Thanks for taking the time to look over our website. Please contact us for more information on upcoming breedings and available puppies!

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